Hydration Therapy / Foot Massage

From our Podiatry menu, this medical treatment is physician performed and recommended for patients who suffer from medical-related foot issues. A deep hydration foot treatment for extremely dry feet/cracked skin with a 15-minute foot massage and paraffin treatment....

Indian Head Massage

Massage treatment of the head, neck, and shoulder area with a reviving scalp massage. $95 for 45 minutes

LED Light Therapy for the Body

LED Light Therapy can address specific age-related challenges including arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm and poor blood circulation. $125 for 30 minutes

Reflex Point Massage

Pressure points on the hands and feet are massaged to help increase energy flow and balance within the body. $50 for 15 minutes | $70 for 30 minutes

Sea Holistic Treatment

Begin your visit with a Phytomer Energizing Seawater Soak, offering over 104 pure trace elements found only in the ocean. This freeze-dried seawater provides essential re-mineralization to any tired, devitalized body. Your treatment is followed by an ultra-relaxing...