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Save $15 on Facial Cupping

NEW SERVICE! Discover the latest at Margot European Spa – Facial Cupping! Elevate your spa experience with this innovative treatment, sculpting and revitalizing your skin.

The Benefits of Facial Cupping Inspired by ancient techniques, this 15-minute treatment stimulates circulation, collagen, and elastin. Like body cupping, it strengthens facial skin and tissues. The gentle cup suction:

  • Revitalizes your skin’s surface
  • Promotes a healthier complexion by draining toxins
  • Reduces fine lines, restoring youthful radiance
  • Sculpts the chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage

This autumn, embrace the beauty of the season and enhance your natural radiance with Facial Cupping. Book now and save $15 on this innovative treatment.

$50 ($15 savings) | SERVICE DETAILS