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Skin Firming Tips

Middle-aged woman applying anti-aging cream
Routine Facials – Professional facials help firm and tone the skin with products and procedures such as steam tools and special firming creams. Mention your skin firming needs to your esthetician the next time you go to get a facial for more focused treatment.
Exercise – Drinking plenty of water and getting a healthy amount of exercise is critical for the health and elasticity of your skin. With a lack of exercise, your skin can look dull and your muscles can start to deflate, causing your skin to hang. Pump up your muscles to help firm your skin and maintain a healthy and beautiful body.
Skin Firming Lotion – There are countless commercial skin firming lotions available. There are lotions meant to reduce stretch marks and firm skin all over the body and skin tightening wrinkle creams meant to reduce lines around the eyes. No matter what skin you are interested in giving a boost, choose a lotion that contains a minimal amount of unnatural fragrance and skin irritating chemicals. Visit our website or come in to the spa to view some beautiful options!