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Get a Healthy Glow Through Safe Tanning

Safe Tips for Sun Tanning

During my extensive European skincare education in Germany and France, the positive and negative effects of sun exposure were of utmost importance in my training.  Safe tanning practices were explored, while the necessity of teaching our clients to avoid the imminent damage of the sun’s rays was emphasized.
Understanding the capability of the sun is necessary to protect the skin from the potential damage. I stress to my clients how essential it is for the skin to be prepared for sun exposure. Improperly nourished skin will only dry out the dermis layer, while causing sun spots and wrinkles to develop. The skin cannot achieve a healthy glow if the skin suffers from a burn. Short intervals of sun exposure over a short period of time are the best method for the skin to attain a sun kissed tone without the immediate redness or darkness from damaging sunburn. I recommend 3 steps for proper skin preparation as well as patience as essential ingredients for a healthy glow.

3 Key Steps to Achieving a Safe and Healthy Glow

  1. Accelerator– a tanning accelerator should be applied prior to sun exposure.  Most people are not accustomed to using an accelerator product. Lathering an accelerator with the proper essential oil ingredients prepares the skin to absorb the sun’s rays. The formulation of the essential oils will drastically increase hydration, resulting in a better tan.
  2. Sunscreen– the proper sunscreen with adequate strength determined by ones skin type is paramount. The dermis layers are subject to sun damage on a daily basis, whether the sun is shining or there are clouds in the sky.
  3. After Sun Care– the skin requires proper treatment upon sun exposure. An after sun cream or gel is essential to nourish the skin after a day in the sun. After sun products also help to maintain a healthy glow by adding moisture to the skin.

Tanning maintenance is required to achieve a longer lasting healthy glow. Once you have a healthy tan, use a bath gel or body scrub 2 times per week with a body moisturizer to increase the longevity of the skin’s healthy glow. Try a self-tanner such as Declèor Paris or St. Tropez, which has a moisturizing activator and a self-bronzing color component to enhance a safe tan or to create the look of a tan. Self-tanning products can be used on all skin types throughout all seasons.
Sun products help to protect the skin against the damaging rays of the sun.  A thin layer of sun protection applied daily is absolutely mandatory, even if one is not in the sun. Use high protection sunscreen, SPF 30 or above, especially if you are sun sensitive.  Be sun sensible: protect yourself and your children. Remember between the hours of 11am and 3pm, the skin is more likely to burn because the sun’s rays are fully in action. Prevent further damage with basic hydrating facials 2-3 consecutively over a 3-4 week period.
Adopting the proper sun preparation and protection regime to your beauty routine will ensure the skin is adequately protected from the damaging UVA & UVB rays. Remember, after sun gel must be used daily après soleil [after sun]. Moderation of sun exposure, sun protection, and quality tan enhancing products are the keys to healthy glowing skin.