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Enjoy $50 Savings in December – VIE 3D Wrinkle Treatment
VIE 3D Facial $50 Off

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Enjoy $50 Savings at Margot European Spa

VIE 3D Facial Wrinkle Treatment

Regular Price $240 | Special Price $190

Receive a $50 savings when you schedule or purchase a VIE 3D Wrinkle Treatment during the month of December. *

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About the VIE 3D Wrinkle Treatment

The VIE 3D Wrinkle Treatment is a groundbreaking approach to anti-aging, targeting “3 dimensions” to replicate the effects of Botox, hyaluronic acid injections, and a surgical facelift. Developed in collaboration with a distinguished head and neck surgeon specializing in facial esthetics, this treatment is a luxurious fusion of medical expertise and spa care, providing a non-invasive alternative to medical procedures.

Visible Results after the very 1st treatment!

  • Botox-like Dimension: Relax wrinkles on the upper section of the face (forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines).
  • Medical filler-like Dimension: Fill wrinkles on the lower section of the face (cheek and lip contour).
  • Facelift-inspired Dimension: Lift features and redefine the facial contour (entire face, jawline, facial contours, and neck and décolleté).

Transform your skincare routine and embrace a younger, more vibrant you! Schedule or purchase the VIE 3D Facial Wrinkle Treatment this December using promo code HOUR23.

Elevate your beauty journey with visible results after the very 1st treatment. Don’t miss this opportunity – seize the savings and rejuvenate your skin today!

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* Offer valid December 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 only. Cannot be combined with other special offers or promotions.