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Invest In Yourself

The New Year is time for us to hit our restart button. For many, the goals involve personal commitment to better overall health through diet and exercise. What most don’t realize is that our skin plays a vital role in the success, or failure, of such New Year goals. When committing to a regiment of diet and exercise, take a moment to learn how to incorporate a simple skin care regimen into your life. You will feel at your optimum best.
Our skin is the largest, most important eliminative organ in the body, responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification each day. We quickly blame our skin for showing signs of aging through imbalance and deficiency, yet don’t realize this occurs because our skin is the last organ to receive nutrient in the body. This doesn’t have to be. We have choices and they are simple: Dry brushing. Bathing. Aromatherapy.
Dry brushing is vital in preserving the integrity of skin, maintaining overall body health. Many benefits of dry brushing include: Cleanses lymphatic system, tones muscles, strengthens immune system, and stimulates hormone, oil glands and circulation. Dry brushing stimulates the organs of detoxification to optimally function, together aiding in reduction of cellulite. Therefore, all weight loss and exercise program should include the simple step of dry brushing.
Bathing. Lack of time is primarily why we shower instead taking time to soak. Ancient civilizations included both aromatherapy and mineral baths into their health regimen. Bathing compliments a nutrition and weight loss program, as minerals and aromatherapy are the catalysts for eliminating toxins. Minerals are offered through marine ingredients (algae and salts) and aromatherapy is offered through the essence of botanical plants. Both play vital roles in strengthening the skin and body.
Trace elements and minerals found in sea water are nearly identical chemical composition to that of human blood plasma. Our levels of minerals of zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are depleted daily and sea water is the only natural way to restore these mineral levels, preventing cellular imbalance and premature aging. A fifteen minute weekly soak in a mineral rich bath will rebalance and increase one’s quality of life. Aromatherapy incorporates distilled or extracted essential oils from plants which assist in the prevention of aging. Topical applications used in balms, oils and baths have greatly attributed to anti-aging of the skin and body. Properties within essential oils are delivered to the organs through the skin and into the bloodstream, providing both internal and external preservation of health. Toning of the epidermis had been the most significant benefit of aromatherapy and remains an indispensable component to one’s wellness program.
Incorporating dry brushing, bathing and aromatherapy into one’s lifestyle will bring your body into balance, provide you with more energy and sounder sleep. It will also assist
you in reaching your desired health care goals. Please advise with a health professional to assure you’re utilizing the purest ingredients available, and in the proper context of
Margot Kohler is owner operator of Margot European Day Spa