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Why is PHYTOMER Margot’s most trusted brand of skincare products?

Our choices of personal care products have increased exponentially since we used our first cleanser and toner. And our choices continue to grow every day. Some of us cannot even pronounce the names of ingredients, let alone understand what they are. Trusting how your chosen skincare line is produced, and why and what they produce it with, are all crucial elements to know when deciding what to purchase and put on your skin. Investing in your personal care products does come at a cost and you should be able to trust the products you choose.

Margot European Spa has come to trust a variety of personal care product companies over the past few decades, but our initial product vendor, PHYTOMER Corporation, continues to remain our most trusted brand for some very simple reasons. As the pioneer in marine biotechnology, they continue to offer patented technologies and ingredients cultivated from the sea and go to great lengths to share their knowledge.

This is done with a respectful commitment to the ocean, utilizing sustainable and responsible growing and harvesting practices.

What they do:

Established in 1972, PHYTOMER Corporation continues their fundamental approach of turning the sea into skincare. Researching and developing patented ingredients, derived from various algae and freeze-dried seawater, have been the basis of their commitment to cultivating the sea and bringing vital trace elements and minerals to our bodies via skincare.

The word PHYTOMER is derived from the word Phyto, meaning “plant” and the word Mer meaning “sea”, accurately describing the company and their vision.

They are based in Saint-Malo, off the Brittany Coast of France, in the Gulf of Saint-Malo.

While there may be other personal care companies offering marine-based products, none can compare to how PHYTOMER responsibly cultivates, harvests, and manufactures their products.

PHYTOMER scientists were the first in the world to cultivate the sea in a laboratory to increase and enhance its restorative powers for the skin. Our scientists create sustainable, eco-friendly formulas and oversee every step of the production process, from the moment an active marine ingredient is discovered right up to manufacturing final product.

Antoine Gédouin

President, PHYTOMER Corporation

How they do it:

Offering sustainable skincare with the highest standards of performance is a priority for PHYTOMER Corporation. Their commitment to the sea includes sustainable and responsible cultivation and harvesting of marine plants. Instead of repeatedly harvesting algae from anywhere in the ocean, they have been delegated parcels of ocean off the coast of Brittany to cultivate and harvest the algae without depleting the natural growth in the sea.

PHYTOMER has also patented the process of freeze-drying ocean water and the algae harvested from the sea, a process called Lyophilization. This process maintains the integrity of the ingredients and allows the nutrient-rich product to be preserved until it is ready to use. All PHYTOMER marine products got through this process immediately following the harvest.

Why they do it:

Why marine-based ingredients, you ask? Without getting too technical, we must point out that the human body is compromised of much of the same trace elements and minerals found in seawater. And, what grows in the seawater found in the oceans? All types of algae that are richly comprised of magical properties that help to renew and regenerate our skin and body.

Trace elements and minerals found in the sea include phosphorus, bromine, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, and silicon, just to name a few.

What attributes do PHYTOMER and Margot European Spa share?

Education. Margot’s mission to educate her staff and clients is supported with PHYTOMER’s passion to educate both their clients and the public about the vast benefits of marine ingredients. Margot adds, “Knowledge is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our philosophy of educating our staff and clients has always been our core principle, so that we may offer the maximum benefits of everything we do.” PHYTOMER world educators are flown in to host workshops at Margot’s twice a year, so staff members are up to date on the most recent service protocols, breakthrough ingredients, and new, global, marine discoveries. The support offered from the PHYTOMER is unsurpassed in the spa industry and we are proud to share a nearly 40-year partnership together.

PHYTOMER treatments offered at Margot’s:

Margot is pleased to offer a variety of PHYTOMER treatments, all of which provide us with positive feedback and noticeable results. Body services offered include Energizing Seawater Soak for re-mineralizing your body, Satin Shimmer Sea Salt Exfoliation and Sea Foam Body Wrap treatments for detox and slimming.

PHYTOMER Facial treatments include Extended Youth Facial for wrinkle correction and firming, Sea Calm Facial to hydrate, restore balance and calm the complexion, and our PHYTOMER Custom Facial that targets concerns by working with your skin’s chemistry to obtain maximum results. We also offer a Radiant Firming Eye Treatment that provides visibly smoother, revived, and refreshed eyes.


PHYTOMER products offered at Margot’s:

Margot is pleased to offer the full collection of PHYTOMER products:


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