Champagne of the Seas

A combination of detoxifying marine back scrub with a relaxing massage of the back and scalp is offered in this one-hour Re-mineralizing Back Treatment. It begins with a deep cleansing scrub on the most difficult-to-reach back area, followed by a 30-minute back and...

Couples Therapeutic Massage

Unwind and reconnect with that special person in your life. $220 for 50 minutes | $280 for 75 minutes Select...

Deep Tissue Massage

Intense massage treating specific, chronic muscle tension and pain. $115 for 50 minutes | $145 for 75 minutes | $165 for 90 minutes Select...

Hot Stone Massage

A totally different way to promote physical and emotional balance. $165 for 75 minutes purchase

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Crystal salt rocks help to balance and neutralize the ill effects of toxic frequencies we live with every day. $170 for 75 minutes