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COVID-19 Statement

Margot European Spa has always upheld the most thorough levels of housekeeping across all departments within the spa.  Our staff and housekeeping teams are commitment to the highest cleanliness standards.  Before we re-open we will deliver a new awareness and cleaning...

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5 Scientific Benefits of a Regular Massage

1 ___ BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Regular massages increases white blood cells that fight off viruses. 2 ___ IMPROVE SLEEP Massage encourages deep sleep as it relaxes the mind and body. 3 ___ DECREASE STRESS LEVELS A regular massage can relieve stress and anxiety as it...

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How to Do a Spa Facial At Home

A good facial leaves your face smooth, bright and flushed. It's fun to get a facial at a spa, but since you can’t at this time, try this at home: Start by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating your skin, then use a steam treatment and mask to draw impurities from your...

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